It's All Happening

"Better days are near, hope is so much stronger than fear."

  • okay I like Sid, I like Cassie. Tony’s a bit of a prick but he’s Nicholas Holt so I have to like him.
  • I don’t understand the need for so many old people to be naked all the time I’m not saying other people should be naked but why are like Tony’s neighbor and Cassie’s mom naked so much is that a thing in the UK like is there nudity on television there? Also the guy in the mental hospitals ass and dick and all that
  • does the UK really have parties like this who has parties like this can i go to a party like this
  • I feel super bad for Cassie but she’s super smart with the whole food thing.
  • The parents on this show are all twats tbh
  • when do effy and her boyfriend come in and also this is like an R-rated version of degrassi send help
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' yeah you messed up but the world isnt ending'

actually one day maybe not now but eventually the world will end so we are in the process of it ending if you think about it the world is always ending.

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Calum:  tell them what you're drinking Luke.
Luke:  no.. It's not that big of a deal...
Calum:  lucas is drinking a Starbucks *does air quotes* "refresher". *shakes head*
Luke:  shut up calum.
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if only magic was real
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